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Trimco's Series 3094 - Stop Mounted Door Coordinators

The TRIMCO Series 3094 Stop Mounted Door Coordinators are designed to give extreme high-end reliability, low-friction and low-noise performance at moderate price. Fully automatic, the 3094 Stop Mounted Door Coordinators are used to sequence pairs of doors where one leaf must close before the other. When the inactive leaf is open, a roller stop holds the active leaf open. As soon as the inactive leaf is closed it depresses the "trigger" releasing the roller stop and the active leaf is free to close.

In order to reduce friction and noise, the "trigger" and roller stop are black nylon-coated, and the roller stop includes two, nylon rollers. As a result the TRIMCO 3094 Coordinators require less closing force from the door closers. Nylon rollers and internal rubber shock absorbers reduce objectionable noise to the lowest level possible.

All TRIMCO Series 3094 Coordinators incorporate a carefully engineered, adjustable over-ride feature. The over-ride helps prevent damage to the doors, coordinator, frame and hinges in the event the active leaf is forced to close before the inactive leaf. A roller in the override ensures sensitive adjustment and highly repeatable setting of the feature.

Because appearance is so important in today's modern buildings, no detail has been overlooked in the 3094's design. The sleek design of the steel housing has a low profile extending barely 5/8" below the stop. Regardless of total opening width, each coordinator housing and all exposed parts are coated with an unobtrusive matte-black finish. The housing may be over painted to match the color of the door frames; the exposed roller-stop and trigger remain black so as to blend with any architectural finish. Protective door rub plates are furnished. Custom plating of the main steel housing is also available if necessary. All TRIMCO products are extensively tested before field release in order to assure the high level of reliability TRIMCO customers expect. TRIMCO Coordinators have been subjected to hard-use testing of over 100,000 cycles under Underwriters Laboratory supervision and survived without failure and minimal wear. Conforms with ANSI A156.3 type 21.

To accommodate the wide variety of frame openings used in institutional applications, TRIMCO's 3094 Coordinators are available in three sizes:

  • 32-inch - for openings 34 to 56 inches wide
  • 52-inch - for openings 56 to 96 inches wide
  • 60-inch - for openings 96 to 112 inches wide

An over-long filler piece is provided with each Coordinator to completely fill the opening on the job.

Accessory mounting brackets are available for stop mounted hardware: 3095 Bracket - for stop widths 7/8" to 2-1/4" / 3096 Bracket for stop widths over 2-1/4". The 3090 Carry Bar is available when sequencing of the door opening is required.

The Series 3094 Coordinators are designed for use in conjunction with the rugged TRIMCO Series 3800, low-friction Automatic and Semi-Automatic Flushbolts. They are also compatible with most panic hardware and may be custom prepped for most vertical rod panic devices.

When ordering, please specify opening width and the sizes of the inactive and active leafs.

From beginning design to final application, TRIMCO has always been a leader in providing the right product for every project need. More than 1500 Hardware Distributors in the United States and Canada specify and use TRIMCO products, all manufactured and assembled by TRIMCO in our Los Angeles plant. Experienced TRIMCO Sales Representatives are ready to supply you with complete information on product design and application. Contact TRIMCO for the representative nearest you.

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