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Since classical times, bronze was the choice of sculptors for its timelessness and grace.

The Saint-Gaudens collection of bronze hardware, a mix of ancient material and craftsmanship that will give years of pleasure.

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Designed by Valerie Saint-Gaudens

Valerie Saint-GaudensSaint-GaudensValerie Saint-Gaudens has been an award-winning jewelry designer for over 25 years in the Southern California area, and is now translating her concept of ornamental precious gold and platinum into rich bronze jewelry for the home. Valerie loves to design and sculpt in bronze. She feels that it has an eternal quality that is deep, warm, and timeless. Her goal and inspiration is to create pieces that have grace and beauty and bring a feeling of deep appreciation to the owner, much like owning fine art and crafts.

The many lines of Saint-Gaudens:

Towel Rings

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Cascade Marston McCall
Omnae Salerno Veneto
Cabinet Hardware Misc. Hardware

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Salerno Installation Instructions

Veneto Installation Instructions

8100 Series Installation Instuctions

8110-8115 Entrance Installation Instructions

8400 Single Cylinder Installation Instructions

8310-Privacy/Passage Installation Instructions

8400 Double Cylinder Installation Instuctions

8402 Single Cylinder Installation Instructions

8300 Dummy Knob Installation Instructions

8310 Dummy Knob Installation Instructions

8100 Dummy Entrance Installation Instructions

8402 Double Cylinder Installation Instructions

8110-8115 Entry Dbl Cyl. Installation Instructions

8120/8125 Rent/Lent Installation Instructions

8350 Privacy/Passage Installation Instructions

8305 Dummy Lever Installation Instructions

8120RFD/8120LFD 8125RFD/8125LFD Installation Instructions

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