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1209HA Heavy Duty Floor Stop

1209HA Heavy Duty Floor Stop


Height of rubber:  3"
Diameter of rubber:  2-1/4"
Shaft: 1" dia. x 7" long
Shaft Material: Stainless Steel

Ideal where heavy steel doors will be used, as well as high abuse installations like prisons, schools, animal shelters, zoos, etc., Installs right into concrete floor by clear-coring. use quick-set cement. Requires 1-1/2" diameter cored hole.

  • 1" dia. Stainless Steel shaft is embedded in the concrete 7"
  • Rubber resilient but tough, Durometer Hardness, Shore A: 70-90
  • To avoid vandalism, the 1209HA cannot be disassembled.
  • No part can be fashioned into a tool or weapon.
  • Meets California State Prison strength tests (data available)

Made in the U.S.A.

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